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Advertise on The High Co to actively promote you canna related brand to our thousands of niche online readers and visitors.



Now is the opportunity to conveniently advertise on The High Co and gain exposure for your brand with our thousands of online readers and followers.

Your logo and a link to your website will be featured across all of our articles, while we also offer the opportunity to target your advert on specific article pages for optimized marketing.

How to Advertise on The High Co

Simply purchase this product and we will contact you for a high resolution copy of your logo. We handle all advert wording and branding to ensure consistency with our site.

Your ad will then be rotated with other applicable adverts on our articles. The ads rotate only when an article is refreshed or re-viewed, ensuring that articles have a dedicated ad spot per viewer/reader.

Here’s an example of one of our popular advertised blog articles.

Please note that we do not accept ads for any products that contains THC!



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Advertise on The High Co
Advertise on The High Co
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