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OCB Organic Hemp Kingsize


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OCB Organic Rolling Papers are made from hemp paper and are legendary for their effectivesness. Available in Kingsize, with or without tips. 32 Leaves.

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OCB Organic Rolling Papers made of pure organic hemp and use 100% vegetarian natural arabic gum. The packaging is also made of recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable ink. They have a high standard of quality, that you can feel between your fingers when you hold one.

Ever since the OCB brand was created in France in 1918, smokers have been enjoying their high quality and classic design.

OCB Organic Rolling papers offer a perfect blend of quality and karma.

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Kingsize, Kingsize+Tips




Kingsize slim

2 reviews for OCB Organic Hemp Kingsize

  1. Shaheen

    This is one of the best papers I’ve used thus far. Smooth feeling when smoking.

  2. Sticky Scissors

    My all time favourite papers.

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