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OCB Ecological Filters


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OCB Ecological Filters available in Unbleached or Eco packs. 100% natural and made from biodegradable pure cellulose. Environmentally friendly.

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OCB Ecological Filters are made of pure cellulose. Which provides better filtration while respecting nature. The core fibers are the main component of the filter, sourced from FSC certified and substantially managed forests.

To reduce environmental impact, these filters are unbleached. This gives them a beige or dark brown colour. These filters are biodegradable and decompose naturally. However, this does not mean that you no longer need to throw your stompies in the bin.

OCB Ecological Filters available in:

  • Eco – 120 light brown filters
  • Unbleached – 150 Dark brown filters

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Unbleached 150, Eco 120

1 review for OCB Ecological Filters

  1. Gareth

    Thank you for your excellent service and quick response. I appreciate it and will definitely be buying from you guys again.

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