//PieceMaker Indestructible Kali Bong

PieceMaker Indestructible Kali Bong


The original PieceMaker indestructible bong. Blaze your own trail with this high performer that even fits 18mm dab nails, so you can take your dabbing habit with you even on outdoor adventures.

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Most “indestructible” bongs come with “glass” parts, but not this bad boy. The original, patented PieceMaker bong has no glass parts at all, and is therefore the only truly portable and virtually indestructible bong on the market.

There’s sooo much that we dig about the PieceMakerGear bong. Diffused downstem? It’s got it. Works with dab nails and other accessories? Damn right it does. Made from soft touch food grade silicone and featuring a large screened stainless steel bowl with a spill proof lid for keeping that precious dank right where it needs to be, what’s not to love.

Great for klutzes who are tired of accidentally killing their glass bongs and for those with an active lifestyle who need a comfortable toking tool that can conveniently be stashed away. There’s no longer any reason to sacrifice quality or satisfaction when busting a fat bowl of your favourite herb on the go thanks to the smooth performance of this flexible bong.

Whether hiking, partying hard or just parking on the couch this bong is a durable companion no matter what the adventure… blaze your own trail.

Titanium domeless nail not included.

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Food grade silicone


18mm Female glass and titanium accessories


Green Glow In The Dark, Blue


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