//RAW Pre-Rolled Cone

RAW Pre-Rolled Cone


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RAW is considered by many to be the best rolling paper in the world. Vegan friendly and made from unbleached hemp fiber. Available in Kingsize. 3 Pre-rolled cones.

In stock


Finished with a natural hemp gumline, each paper is watermarked with the patented CrissCross watermark which helps prevent runs and maintains the smooth even-burn.

“The RAW Foundation has helped thousands of people with the work we have all done together. Much of our work is designed to create sustainable loops that save and improve more and more people’s lives with each passing day. Helping people in the present is very important but equally as important is helping them create their own brighter future.”

RAW has donated and fund-raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to extremely worthwhile causes and projects but much more than that we use the same innovative, authentic long-term mentality that made RAW such a tremendous success towards making sure our philanthropic projects achieve the same huge level of success. In short, we make sure our projects RAWk!

The thing is, you’ve already helped more than you know. We have only been able to do all of this because of the tremendous loyalty and support that you’ve given us. You are responsible for these wells as much as we are. We all did this together. So, from all of us at RAW Foundation and RAW Rolling Papers, Thank You!”

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Organic, vegan, unrefined hemp rolling papers




3 Pre-rolled cones


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