THC is a locally grown online boutique dedicated to personally putting in all the coughs, sweat and tears to ensure that we offer you only the best quality international and local smokewear. We support local brands and contribute a portion of our sales and a larger portion of our time to making legalisation a reality in South Africa.

It’s super simple. Spend R420 or more and your discreetly packaged order will be delivered to your door… for mahala:)
This offer is only available for most areas in SA.

If you live in the sticks or somewhere far from a main area or city you won’t be able to get free delivery:(

Don’t worry… there won’t be any hippies in a smoking Beetle pulling up outside your workplace to deliver your order. It will be discreetly and securely packaged, then delivered by a professional courier company to you. There will be absolutely no mention of the contents or who it’s from. For real, we’re so pro that many of our clients just have their orders delivered to their work address.

It’s nice and easy lemon hazy. See something you like, add it to your Cart and when done choosing all your nice new smokewear you just convienently proceed to the Checkout page. You will be able to easily pay by:

Credit card (including Mastercard and VISA branded debit cards) via our secure online payment facility. The name of the transaction will not reflect as “The High Co”, “THC” or anything of this nature, so no awkward statement questions.


EFT/Deposit, which will automatically E-mail you our banking details and the reference for your order which you can then EFT or do an ATM/bank deposit for. Please note that some EFT’s can take a few days to clear. So please be patient and we’ll let you know as soon as the payment reflects on our end.

We do not offer Cash on Delivery… yet.

Just a couple of days or even quicker.

Free Delivery (R0) will happen within 4 working days from when we receive your order payment. Only orders of over R420 qualify for free delivery. Offer exclusive to certain areas.
Regular Delivery (R85) will happen within 4 working days from when we receive your order payment. Although many orders are delivered within just 2 working days.
Speed Delivery (R150) will happen within just 2 working days guaranteed from when we receive your order payment. This is when we drop everything to make sure that your order is our number one priority with the fastest possible shipping.
Outlying Delivery (R195) will happen within 5 working days guaranteed from when we receive your order payment. This is for deliveries in remote or regional areas. This option is for if you live in the sticks or very far from a city.

Due to the local postal service’s constant strikes, long queues, being offline, over pricing, lack of accountability, frequent breakages/losses and generally being insane in the membrane, we cannot in good conscience send any order by the South African Post Office.

There is no physical walk in store, it is all purely online with highly irregular hours in between being sucked into the Matrix. No driving, parking or queuing required by you though. Just conveniently go online wherever you are, buy some shweet smokeware and we’ll take care of the rest.

Just drop us a quick message on WhatsApp, Facebook, contact form or and we’ll get back to you chop chop.
We don’t do please call me‘s, faxes or phone calls.

Our hours are highly irregular, as the quest for the best smokeware in the world takes us far and wide at any hour on any day.

Between 9AM and 4:20PM on weekdays is when you’re most likely to get a hold of us. Our online store is open 24/7/365 but we don’t really reply to queries on weekends or public holidays. We’ll always do our best to get back to you the next working day though.

Every care is taken to ensure that your order arrives on time and intact. Should the courier hit a bump along the way and your order arrives broken, we will replace it at minimum inconvenience to you.
Should you however place an order without checking for any compatibility issues or that the item will perform to you expectations, we will not be able to refund or replace the used items. If you are uncertain about any aspect of your purchase, please contact us first as we will gladly assist you in order to ensure that your are fully satisfied.

I’m insulted that you ask. Seriously though, we only stock original products that meet our personally high standards.
You can count on THC for genuine top shelf products.

Trust us. We know how disappointing it is to purchase some amazeballs new glass, only to hear the broken pieces jingling before you’ve even opened the packaging. This is why we take every care to ensure that your fragile purchase is generously bubble wrapped and packed in one of our custom made double thick boxes. 99.9% of orders are delivered perfectly.

In the very unlikely event that your glass is Dead on Arrival, pleasenotify us straight away about the break and we’ll replace it at no additional cost or inconvenience to you. With great glass comes great responsibility though. We therefore reasonably can’t offer any warranty beyond delivering your super duper new glass into your hands.

Yes, we know. The laws in South Africa are in transition. As it stands though we do not deal or refer on any level.
Please do not ask where to score… when the day comes we will gladly hook you up with whatever dank floats your boat.

Any queries regarding weed seed or oil will be blocked from contacting us again.

The short answer is “No”.

No. Please take a look at our affiliate program below to learn about easily earning commission on online referrals.

We are not involved with licensing. So please don’t ask us to help you with this.

Any queries regarding licenses are automatically deleted and will be blocked from contacting us again.

We are practically run off our feet finding you the dankest gear and supporting the legalization work of Fields of Green for ALL. Although we’ve spent the last 6 years giving us much our time as possible away for free, the volume and nature of queries has evolved into a full time job of its own.

So we will be more than glad to consult with you regarding just about any query you have, but this will be subject to an upfront consultation fee of R 2,000 per hour. Half of which will be donated by us to Fields of Green for ALL.

Not gonna lie… we get this query a lot. So let’s be blunt.
Firstly, we do not consider freebies unless you have been a long time supporter of ours with a proven track record or promoting our products online already.
Secondly, it’s great that you have a cool idea or big business aspirations. We encourage people to follow their dreams. But this does not mean that we’re going to fund them for you or give you free stuff. Please take a look at our wholesale explanation above if you would like to re-sell our products. The most we can do to support you is offer you our wholesale discount when you support us.

This could be because you live in the sticks or that the courier company does not have your street postal code listed.
Please drop us a mail or whatsapp with your street postal code and we’ll take a look at whether we can make the delivery happen.

Simply sign up as an affiliate and receive a 5% sales commission on every successful online referral.

You will be able to easily refer clients to our site with your unique code and conveniently keep track of your commission, while we handle all of the rest. As an affiliate you will also be permitted to use our logo and product images for these referrals. So join now to start earning.

Please note that we will make payout EFT’s to you within one week of your email request. Payouts will only be made when your commissions total reaches over R2000.

You can email

or WhatsApp

081 747 2801

Please note that we do not answer phone calls.