Deluxe Joint Rolling Kit


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A joint rolling kit that will make your friends green with envy. OCB rolling tray, high quality grinder, Kingsize OCB papers and Cone Artist.

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Our Joint Rolling kit helps you to roll the perfect zol every time. Your ouma will love it and your stoner friends will want it.

Deluxe Kit includes:

  • Assorted design OCB rolling tray
  • High quality herb grinder
  • The Cone Artist
  • Assorted Kingsize rolling paper + tips

Budget Kit includes:

  • Assorted design rolling tray
  • Acrylic herb grinder
  • Joint rolling tool
  • Assorted kingsize rolling paper

Here’s the deep details on our Joint Rolling Kit

OCB Rolling Tray by one of the leading rolling paper brands in the world. OCB have again outdone themselves again with a tray that that reflects the high quality that they are renowned for.

This rolling tray is a thing of simplistic beauty. No expense was spared in ensuring that you have only the finest experience with this dank metal tray that is certain to help save you from those weed in the carpet, lap or sand moments. Prevent sad face syndrome and impress all of your friends at the same time. The perfect Joint Rolling kit home.

OCB Unbleached Rolling Papers have the brown labeling with the distinctive organic packaging. This sets the OCB Unbleached Rolling Paper Range out from the rest of the OCB Rolling Paper range.

Each paper is ultra thin, lightweight, easy to roll and burns slowly. Each high quality rolling papers are so thin they’re close to transparent and burn down evenly. Every single leaf is made of a watermarked pure flax paper for quality assurance and Arabic Natural Gum extracted from East Africa which is 100% Vegetarian Organic. A paper slip folded in with the leaves reminds you when you’re running low.

The Cone Artist ensures that you roll the perfect joint every time. Expertly designed in Sweden. For the roller on the go and beginners. Simply use the ergonomic tube to mold the perfect cone, while the tip is snugly housed. Then use the clear funnel to easily pack with your preferred herb.

The Cone Artist instructional video

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm

Deluxe, Budget

1 review for Deluxe Joint Rolling Kit

  1. Shanley Nel

    This is the Pineapple Express of rolling kits! Great kit! Once you got this bad boy all you need to worry about is getting some stank then you’re a-for-away.

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