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Hemp wick roll hand-made from 100% organic hemp and 100% organic bees wax for 420% satisfaction. The connoisseurs choice. 60 metre.

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Organic Hemp Wick Roll made from 100% organic hemp and 100% organic bees wax for 420% satisfaction. 60 metres

Hailed as delivering the cleanest taste when combusting a bowl of your favorite herbs, hemp wicks are the first thing that you will find many connoisseurs reaching for when seeking the purest experience from their bong or pipe.

The flame from hemp wick burns lower than a lighter. Preserving as many terpenes as possible and thereby improving the flavour of your herb.
Each batch of our rustic thick hemp wick is lovingly hand-made.

Here’s a lekker user guide and video.

How and why to use organic hemp wick rolls


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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

4 reviews for Organic Hemp Wick Roll

  1. nick

    The best and cheapest i found, don’t bother looking anywhere else for this
    I buy 2 at time and it last me a whole year. Lighters are too hot and toxic for bud
    this burns at the perfect temperature for a cleaner smoke.

  2. rosssenna

    Ordered this and a bong on Wednesday already have it and smoking amazing will buy again (in a few months ) :D

  3. Mike

    I have received the product in order and earlier than expected.

    Super good service with a superb product.

  4. Riaan

    If clean burning is important to you as it should be. This is what you need….Kilometers of it.

    Daily usage

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