Rooibaard Cannabis Seeds


Rooibaard is sativa dominant and terpy AF! Expect very citrus terpenes that lean toward fresh cut pine, with a hint of pepper. 10 Regular seeds.

Potency: Mild
Flavour: Citrus Pine
Genetics: Sativa Dominant – Rooibaard x Rooibard/Acapulco Gold
Flowering: 12 to 16 weeks
Yield: Up to 500g

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Rooibaard Cannabis Seeds are part of a South African breeding project. The parents are from top local seeds that I have personally strain hunted. This is hands down our most landrace cultivar. Expect very citrus terpenes that lean toward fresh cut pine, with a hint of pepper.

Plants have a thin leaf sativa structure with big explosive growth when well cared for. The buds are light and very pest resistant. Rooibaard f1 is a sativa dominant to the max with just a few touches of indica. Buds are long with a thin structure on a plant that can grow very tall. Calyxes are typically light in colour and sweet. Well grown plants can achieve yields of up to 500g.

Lank Dank Seed Bank is going against the flow, to bring you cultivars for the discerning cannasseur at a reasonable price. As a pilot project we are not going to claim that these are the biggest or the best cultivars. Rooibaard/Swazi Red/Red Beard is a cultivar that made a good impression on us and left us wanting to breed more. So now it’s your chance to score some crazy good cannabis seeds for a reasonable price while helping  local artisans bring you mo faya.

These are regular seeds. Which means that you have a 50/50 chance of male and female plants.
In the extremely rare event that the universe is ever not in your odds and you end up with only males. Let us know. We’ll send you a replacement pack chop chop.

Potency: Mild
Flavour: Citrus, Pine, Pepper
Genetics: Sativa Dominant – Rooibaard x Rooibard
Flowering: 12 to 16 weeks
Yield: Up to 500g

Read our grow guide to learn about growing your own dank plants.

Each pack of Rooibaard Seeds contains:

10 x Regular f1 Seeds

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

10 Seeds, 40 Seeds


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