UFO Percolator Dab Bong


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UFO Percolator Dab Bong made from high quality borosilicate glass. Diffused downstem, UFO percolator and domeless quartz nail. 14mm Female. Assorted Colours.

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UFO Percolator Dab Bong that delivers excellent quality at a great price. The entire product is made from laboratory grade borosilicate glass. With tasteful touches of colour. Assorted Colours.

This large sized dab rig offers all the modern conveniences in a stunning design. A cylinder shaped body houses the diffused downstem and UFO percolator.  The domeless quartz nail delivers reliable and top shelf performance. Please note that we receive these dab rigs in random colours. Take a look at the pics and make a note at checkout if you have a colour preference. 

Our dab rigs have been hand selected to present you with the best bongs for your bucks. Careful attention has been paid by us to all of the finer points that make for a truly high end dabbing experience. Your needs have been prioritized from the quality of the glass and packaging to the ergonomics and day to day practicality. All while bringing you a selection of products that offers you a far more personalized experience.

UFO Percolator Dab Bong details

Height: 41cm

Base: 12cm

Thickness: 5mm

Join: 14mm Female

Learn more about bongs with this helpful guide.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 15 × 15 cm



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