In this review, I’ll be taking a look at Blazy Susan Rolling Papers.

The Evolution of Pink Rolling Papers

Back in the day, the only pink rolling papers available were heavily flavored and thick, which was great if you wanted a novelty smoking experience. However, they were terrible for enjoying the tasty terpenes of finer herbs. These novelty pink rolling papers mostly gathered dust at the bottom of stash tins everywhere.

Enter Blazy Susan

This all changed when Blazy Susan introduced their superior pink rolling papers. Now, you can stand out from the crowd without compromising the quality of your smoke. Blazy Susan Rolling Papers come in various sizes and options, including a fresh purple range that I hope to review soon.

First Impressions

After using Blazy Susan’s pink papers for a week, I can confidently say they live up to the hype. Branded in a pleasing pastel Americana style, these papers deliver on their promise:

Our slow burning, ultra-thin, vegan papers are made from the finest wood pulp for your ultimate smoking pleasure.

What Sets Blazy Susan Apart

Their thinness and good gum line make Blazy Susan a premium rolling paper, but itโ€™s their distinctive pink color that sets them apart. Initially, I didn’t understand the need for colored papers. It always seemed like a pure novelty. However, this past week has been a revelation. The pink color makes it easy to keep track of your joint when multiple bleached and unbleached joints are being passed around. This is especially helpful when my wife and I are smoking different strains at home or when hanging out with friends.

Performance and Pricing

The proof is in the puffing, and Blazy Susan Rolling Papers are on point. However, what may prevent them from becoming a daily choice for some is their relatively high price. You can get more rolling papers for your money from other premium brands.

The High Co advert

Blazy Susan Rolling Paper Review Final Verdict

In the pink rolling paper game, Blazy Susan is the King of the Castle, earning a solid 4 out of 5 stars. These pink people-pleasers are great in a crowd, but their above-average price might relegate them to the bottom of stash tins rather than becoming a daily staple for many smokers.

Don’t hesitate to give them a try; they’re certain to tickle you pink.

If you enjoyed this review, stay tuned for more insights on rolling papers and smoking accessories!