Boveda is now available in South Africa to help perfectly cure your cannabis. Simply add to your jar or bankie to preserve the best in your bud.

Why use Boveda 2 Way Humidity Control

Getting the correct moisture balance in your weed has always been an art. Overly moist or bone dry herb make for poor toking experience and minimize the quality of the final experience. Creating the ideal humidity in your jar or bankie now no longer requires guessing and hoping that you don’t turn your precious buds into a rotten mess or tasteless crumble. Boveda offers an easy and very affordable solution. Simply add the appropriate size 2 Way Humidity Control and watch your cannabis get the perfect moisture within as little only a few hours.

The science of how Boveda works

The same technology that revolutionized cigar storage is also available in the herbal-specific RH (relative humidity) of either 58% or 62%. Available in multiple sizes to fit your favorite container, Boveda monitors the ambient conditions and adds or removes moisture, as necessary, to maintain the perfect water content of the flower. You’ll immediately notice that color, texture, taste and strength are enhanced. As long as you have a working Boveda now makes it possible to store herbal medication indefinitely.

The right size Boveda for you

Boveda Size Guide


What role does Boveda play in the curing process?

The drying/curing process causes buds to smell better and become more potent. It also reduces harshness when consuming. After the drying process, Cannabis buds are jarred up into airtight containers and then “burped” by opening and closing the lid periodically over time let gas out, let fresh oxygen enter. This process takes place repeatedly anywhere from 14 days to 60 days. Another reason cultivators burp their buds is to fine tune the humidity level. This is done to prevent accidentally over drying the flower.

If a 2-way humidity control product is used (like Boveda) then burping for humidity is no longer necessary as the Boveda packs will ensure that the moisture will be fine tuned to the percentage printed on the pack whether the flower has dried below the intended humidity level, or was not dried enough. After burping takes place, cannabis flower continues to age in airtight containers for several more days or weeks in order to let internal chemical processes continue to mature the material from a fresh cut plant to a developed product that is preferred for consumption. During this process it is important to monitor the temperature and humidity level that the flower is being stored in.

Precision humidity control

Boveda precisely controls humidity for you while you cure your cannabis. So there’s no guesswork, no mold growth, no over drying with Boveda. The drying/curing process helps buds develop their aroma and become more potent. It also reduces harshness while consuming the finished product.

After cannabis buds are dried, they are jarred in an airtight container to cure. Periodically cultivators “burp” cannabis as it cures—they open the lid to let out gas and to let in fresh oxygen and then close the container. Cultivators also hope burping introduces moisture to buds, which can prevent flower from over drying. Burping is performed repeatedly throughout the cure, which can take anywhere from 14 to 60 days.

While you cure cannabis, it’s important to monitor the temperature and humidity level of the inside your cannabis container.

Boveda Available In South Africa

You can purchase Boveda packs from several local retailers and securely online. Business who wish to purchase wholesale amounts can contact The Herbal Preserver.

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