Judges of the The Cape Town Cannabis Cup found themselves warmly greeted by a 420 oasis reclusively hidden within the industrial heart of the Mother City. A place where each judge would spend the day putting some of the finest herb in the country to trial by faya.

The level of competition at this years cup was certainly stronger than ever before. A dozen or so highly skilled growers put their best flower on offer. While one hundred judges casually took their time to decide which grower would be crowned the champion for 2023. This was no easy task though as the judges would need to navigate their way through a haze of purps n terps before finally each deciding on their favorite cultivar of the day.

Cape Town Cannabis Cup 2023 Entrants

Their decision would begin by first taking a look at a prize nug of each cultivar, beautifully displayed to present the glittering bag appeal on offer. Once done with the trichome laden feast for the eyes, judges each found a spot to get on with the serious business of feeding their lungs and souls with a small sample of each entry. Before long the hipster venue took on a smoky glow that filled the air and rose to meet the fiery beauty of stunning sunset. But all eyes were firmly fixed on the prize as the afternoon slowly evolved into evening of irie vibes.

It didn’t feel that long before the table of beautifully prepared delicious snacks was all grazed and the mouthwatering herbs were all blazed. The day had flown by and it was soon time to turn down the dope tunes, raise the lights in the room and announce the winners of the 2023 Cape Town Cannabis Cup.

When all was smoked and done, the 2023 champion had only beat second place by just by one vote. The competition was unanimously far more elevated than the previous year, but it was a day where everyone was a winner.

1st Place – Red Delicious by The Connoisseur Collective

2nd Place – Apple Fritter by Boof_Enshmirtz

3rd Place – Creme Brulee by Dr Dankenstein

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