The Cape Town Cannabis Cup will  put some of the country’s finest herbs to trial by faya. Get ready for SA’s most V-High-P event! Taking place on Saturday 26 March in the heart of The Mother City.

Cape Town Cannabis Cup 2022

The local 420 scene has grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade. Not only have we been fortunate enough to legally grow our own for several years, we have also experienced a green rush of mind bending genetics landing on our sunny shores. Sure, Cheese may still be the king of the Kaas Stad bankie but there is a whole new galaxy of purps ‘n terps redefining weed as we know it. Now is your chance to experience chronic that will make your eyeballs drool and leave your lungs begging for more.

Doors open at 1pm on Saturday the 26th of March 2022. Judges passes will be limited to only 100!

Judge for yourself

This won’t be one of those events where only a small click of guests get to sample and select the winner. You will have the opportunity to inspect and sample every one of the very carefully selected 10 strains on offer. It will be up to you to toke your way through a haze of gas and declare your favourite. No matter what your urban poison preferences… bag appeal, terpenes, effect, density.. the choice is yours to make.

The venue is a central private club that has been reserved exclusively to cater to your 420 needs. You will be greeted with a goodie bag of dope gear to get you rolling and a thoughtful judges card to help you keep track of things. A bud tender will be on hand to tend to your judging needs and a bar will be available for the dreaded droogies. Rumour has it that several big name international guests will be attending and we will confirm the details as soon as possible. We encourage you to please bring your own bong or pipe to keep things safe and sane.

Buy tickets

An event like this is only possible because it is strictly private. This means that we get to keep things on the right side of the law. While also adding a little bit of mystery to this beautiful private space. The Cape Town Cannabis Cup location will be announced closer to the event date. I can say this much though. It is conveniently located at the foot of Table Mountain and can be easily Ubered to.

Please follow our Facebook event page for the latest updates. Here’s some entries from a previous private cup in the meantime.

Sponsors and partners are welcome

Being an organiser and partner at some of SA’s dopest events has taught me the value of working together. It would not have been possible to host thousands of people at dozens of stoner friendly events without the contributions of the many brands and businesses who are a valuable part of the growing cannabis community. The Cape Town Cannabis Cup will be an opportunity to embrace and celebrate the positive changes that local seedbanks, grow shops, head shops, clubs and every other sort of canna-centric business has brought to the scene. So shine a light on your brand by becoming a sponsor and also getting to blaze some of the finest grass in the land.

Cape Town Cannabis Cup Sponsors

Do you have the nugs to win?!

It’s all good and well to spend a wonderful day being a judge at the Cape Town Cannabis Cup. But it’s another thing all together if you think that you have the nugs to beat the other buds to the champions cup.

There will be trophies, prizes and all that jazz. But most of all there will be the bragging rights. Now I know that some growers don’t give a  hoot about the fame or fortune. So you can also keep it low-key with an anonymous entry. A simple pat on the back and backdoor trophy is enough for the shy ganja gardener. Either way, Mary Jane will be the star of the night. And all of the judges will be the real winners.

Enter Your Bud