Cape Town Continental Cannabis Cup winners brought the faya to the Mother City. Here are the results of an evening of deep diving into purps and terps… an evening where everyone was truly a winner.

As I sweep through my still unread DM’s from strangers hunting for illusive last minute tickets to the long sold out Cape Town Continental Cannabis Cup, it is still hard to believe what took place for one beautiful day in the picturesque shadow of Table Mountain. The meeting of minds and marijuana was a surreal insight into the gas being grown locally. As well as the culture of cannasseurs driving a growing demand for weed that delivers far more than just frosty bag appeal.

The 100 judges were met with a rabbit hole experience.  A lovely lady met them at the entrance to explain the T,H & Cs of judging the fine herbs on offer. Then presented them with a dope goodie bag and reassuringly nudged them on their merry way. Although you could have just followed the sweet scent of sensi and live plants to find the secret Danksterdam coffee shop experience awaiting on the other side. Twenty cultivars were thoughtfully presented on a revolving table under a well lit magnifying glass. Once done admiring the anonymously labeled contenders and smoking with their eyes. The judges moved on to the bud bar where they could sample a little nug of each at their leisure. Just enough for a spliff or bowl. Those who braved toking all twenty received a golden medal and round of applause from the house.

A haze of Purps ‘n Terps

Sure the buds were all worthy of the most discerning bong or blunt. But it was easy to tell early on which weed was causing the most hype in the room. And to my pleasant surprise it wasn’t just bag appeal setting the mood. For a change far more attention was being paid to the flavors and burn than to the single dimension of frostiness. The judges were discerning as many of us had already learnt that all that glitters is not gas. The day went on in a haze of irie tunes and top shelf company. That all to soon blended into a beautiful evening on the southern tip of Africa. Where for a brief moment we were one of the highest and happiest places on earth.

The growers, enthusiasts, hustlers, kings and queens all rubbed shoulders while relishing in the moment. But then it was time for the big speeches and to crown the victors. Jair and Jonah from Dab Star reminded the locals of the road yet to be walked. Both of them having front row seats for the Dutch and US scenes, with deep insights into the legalities and cultures. Then Arjan from Green House Seed Company breathed some fire into the audience reminding us of our local legacy and green future. Once all the polite thanks were done it was time to get to the main attraction.

The High Co advert

Cape Town Continental Cannabis Cup winners

There was a 3rd, 2nd and 1st place selected from the twenty entrants. As well as Most Potent  tested on the day by Qure using a Sage Analytics Profiler. All judges got one vote to select their favorite cultivar.

1st Place – Platinum Life Saver by The Connoisseur Collective

2nd Place – Grape Diamonds by ZA Dankness

3rd Place – Garlic Sherbet by White Glove Botanicals

Cape Town Continental Cannabis Cup 2022 results

Dankie to the growers, sponsors and friends

A huge thank you to the brands who all helped make the Cape Town Continental Cannabis Cup a reality. Non of this would have been possible without the support of the growers, sponsors and friends of the event. Sensiva Cafe provided a safe and beautiful 420 space, while Jeroen Dercksen and Praxis Glass hooked up some amazing locally blown rigs as the main prizes. Alasdair and Alex provided epic support, wheels and dope vibes.

Will there be a 2023 Cape Town Cannabis Cup?

Thanks to the overwhelming positive feedback 2023 is definitely on. This was admittedly a proof of concept for the growers, sponsors, judges and myself. So while it was certainly not the first cannabis cup in South Africa it will just as certainly not be the last. There is some polishing and tweaking to do but the cup is here for as long as you bring the gas.

For those who can’t wait until next year, drop me a mail or DM. There may be just enough time to put together a Joburg Cannabis Cup this year.