Free cannabis seeds in South Africa are now easily available online. Get 3 Chronic Allsorts seeds with every order. Discreetly and securely packaged, then delivered to your door by professional courier.

The decriminalization of cannabis in South Africa now means that you are legally allowed to grow your own weed. But the big question remains… where can I get cannabis seeds in South Africa? There are fortunately lots of local seed banks sprouting. Take a look at our guide about these seed banks and breeders to purchase high end genetics. But you’re reading this because you want some free seeds. So let’s talk about that.

Dropping a couple of hundred or thousand bucks on some seeds isn’t always realistic for everyone. We know this because we’ve been there. It sucks when you have got a burning desire to grow some ganja and can’t find quality pips to get you growing. This was one of our first thoughts when starting our own seed bank. It was important that we remember our roots and pay it forward to those who are only beginning the joy of personally growing some dank buds.

How to get free Cannabis Seeds?

It’s super easy. Simply place and pay for an order in our online store with “Free Seeds” in the notes. We will then include 5 Chronic Allsorts cannabis seeds with your order. This pack contains assorted regular seeds from local breeders.

It doesn’t matter if your order is big or small.

You get free seeds even if you only buy less than 10 bucks worth of stuff. Your online order is what makes it super easy for you to sort out the delivery details and fee.  Once we’ve received the payment for you big or small order,  the seeds are discreetly packaged and delivered by professional courier to your door within just a couple of days.

Place an online order here and use the note “Free Seeds”

While you wait for your seeds to be delivered, please take a look at our growers guide. It will teach you what you need to get growing some high quality weed. We also encourage you to take a look at this cannabis seed germination guide for best results.