While the world goes into lock down it’s a good time to reflect on the etiquette of Corona for Stoners. Let’s take a look at health and safety tips for cannabis consumers.

Don’t pass the dutchie

Despite a long standing culture of passing the dutchie to the left hand side, it is best not to share joints. Shaking hands or hugging are now top of the public social taboos. It is therefore only logical that we stop swapping saliva when bouncing blunts with friends, family or strangers.

420 Events postponed or cancelled

Strict crowd control limits are already being enforced in many countries. From the world’s largest cannabis event, Spannabis, being shutdown at the last minute. To expos, marches and events now having to cancel or postpone. 2020 Was lined up to be one of those celestial kind of months that only come around every hundred years. Due to April being a whole month of 4/20 celebrations. The cherry on top was also the annual Global Cannabis March taking place across the globe on the 1st of May. These have however also fallen victim to the impact of Corona for stoners.

Stock up on stoner supplies

As stores are emptied of toilet paper, soap, sanitizer and canned goods by concerned consumers. It is worthwhile stocking up on other essentials that may also experience supply shortages. Rolling papers, filters and gerricks are just some of the products that you don’t want to get caught without. You may also want to touch base with your dealer or dispensary to make sure that they will be able to meet your needs over the next month. Coffee shops in Amsterdam have already started being shut down and experience panic buying.

One person one bong

Bongs are often a communal part of the home. Usually being shared and not cleaned daily. The spread of Corona may be the nudge you need to become a 2 bong home or carry your own clean personal bong with you. You can get an affordable bongs online without leaving your home.

Sharing isn’t caring

Hording goods is certain to become a theme as people self quarantine. Although it is likely to create initial chaos in stores and negatively effect less fortunate consumers, hording and clearing shelves will hopefully blow over. Should your supply of herb or concentrates run dry you may want to think twice about sharing. Limiting exposure to others seems to be a strong theme of reducing the pandemic. Be mindful when sharing or receiving donations.

Stay sane inside insanity

You may be looking at a lonely couple of weeks or months ahead as things become very ghost town like. Visits from friends and family may be few and far between, while nearly every type of upcoming event is also being cancelled. This may be a good time to return to focus on home activities. Such us hobbies, reading, gaming, creativity, gardening, DIY projects and binging your favourite shows.

Don’t be that stoner

Cannabis users are often perceived as one dimensional people who will believe any magic bean stories that suite a pro-cannabis narrative. While we know that this is the case for only a small percentage of fundamentalists as found any any pocket of society. Please don’t reinforce the stereotype by sharing fake news and memes that create the impression of weed or CBD being a Corona treatment or preventative. Likewise, be careful of believing or buying products that have suddenly emerged and make big claims.

What are your top tips on Corona for Stoners?

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