South Africa’s best cannabis strains are world famous. From Durban Poison and Swazi Red to Malawi Gold and KwaZulu Landrace strains. We have been blessed with a rich culture of cannabis that is attractive to both cannasseurs and corporates. Let’s take a look at the ones that made us infamous and those that have gone on to breed modern champions.

A short history of South Africa’s best cannabis strains

In a nutshell, cannabis found it’s way to Southern Africa at different times in different ways. East African trade with the rest of the world is believed to have first introduced cannabis to the continent a few hundred years ago. That trade and use in the plant then migrated south. Early colonists are also likely have further introduced the plant to Southern Africa, while their indentured labourers from Asia had their own stash of seeds. This genetic melting pot created cannabis strains that the world loved and that the cops hated.

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Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold is the stuff of legend. Grown in the small Southern African country, this strain is well known for it’s potency and packaging. The buds are traditionally cured and stored in tightly wound corn husks. These “cobs” were exported to mostly South Africa and prized for their uniqueness. Most Malawi Gold is now however transported and sold in bankies or match boxes. OG Malawi Cobs are very retro and not easily found.

Potency: Medium
Terpenes: Citrus and pine

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Durban Poison

Probably the most famous South African Cannabis Strain, Durban Poison continues to make waves across the globe. Locals continue to debate whether this strain is extinct. Famed during the 70s and 80s, it was renowned for being potent and having an unforgettable name. The legend claims that some indica strains made their way from India to the sativa dominated shores of SA. And that these foreign indicas were bred with local sativas, creating a distinctly dank hybrid. While Durban Poison is believed by most to now be extinct, there are those who claim to be preserving and emulating it. So much so that Durban Poison is the parent of the multi award winning Girl Scout Cookies.

Potency: High
Terpenes: Pepper and liquorice

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Swazi Rooibaard

One of the local best kept secrets, Swazi Rooibaard (AKA Red Beard) has a very distinct look. The traditionally slim sativa buds have long pistils. These pistils turn into a vivid red beard when the plant is ready to harvest. Growing quality buds while preserving these unique pistils takes a great deal of care. Especially when handling and transporting. It takes a certain type of grower to make the extra effort and still have these genetics. Swaziland growers are now mostly focused in more productive strains and dutch genetics.

Potency: Medium
Terpenes: Citrus and pine

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KwaZulu Landrace

The birth ground of Durban Poison and still home to some of SA’s best cannabis. KwaZulu Landraces have come to reflect the diversity of a plant that has grown there for well over a century. Grown by grannies and warriors, surfers and farmers… these strains have become the benchmark for readily available and affordable cannabis. While still preserving the terpenes and characteristics that give it its rich history.

Potency: Medium
Terpenes: Citrus and pine

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Cape Town Cheese

The above strains may have a cool history, but Cape Town Cheese represents the present and the future of SA’s cannabis. All stories lead back to a couple of Cheese clones that came over from  the UK in the 90s. They were then grown and perfected indoors. Creating the Cheese strain that Cape Town is best known for. While its introduction may be fairly recent, it’s impact has been huge. A staple on nearly every local cannabis menu, Cheese has inspired a wave of enthusiasts and imitators. Each who have come to expect dank buds that honk of cheese.

Potency: Very High
Terpenes: Old cheese

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