Spannabis cancelled by authorities due to concerns over the Corona Virus spreading among the 80,000 mostly international attendees.

Rumors first started to circulate last week that the event may follow that of other events taking place in Spain and other parts of Europe. Becoming another Corona cancellation casualty. The event organizers however continued marketing and promoting the event with no indication of the show not going ahead.  Further rumours then surfaced that there was no event insurance in place, make people wonder if profits we’re being prioritized over public health.

Spannabis Cancelled Insurance Rumours

This follows recent assurances on the official Spannabis website. “Due to the current situation by the coronavirus COVID-19 we want to inform all the visitors that we follow the news carefully. As well as the development of the events. For now, the Spanish health authorities and the government  have declared that there is no reason to cancel events and recommend a normal life. Therefore, we don´t find any case of force majeure and Spannabis will be celebrated as planned.”
As well as recommending that people. “Don´t fall into fake news and a social alarm that, according to the authorities, is disproportionate with respect to the facts. We are following closely the recommendations and indications of the authorities. If there is any news that modifies our plans, we will inform you urgently.”

Why was Spannabis Cancelled?

Posted by Robert Carroll on Wednesday, 11 March 2020

With just one day left until opening it’s gates. It was leaked by stall holders that government authorities had visited the venue in Barcelona and shut it down. Although the booths had all been assembled, branded and were busy being packed; dissapointed stall holders were left to pack it all back up. They will now need to figure out where to store all of there products for the next week. On top of potentially being out of pocket for thousands of Dollars after Spannabis being cancelled.

Attendees are already starting to ask the questions of whether they will be refunded for their tickets? As well as what to do about all of their travel and accommodation expenses?

Some companies however realised that the event was unlikely to go ahead and already started pulling out earlier this week. One statement read, “Since the spread of the Covid-19 all over Europe and whereas the Spannabis has not been canceled by the Spanish Authorities yet. We have decided to cancel our participation to this event for safety reasons regarding our clients & staff.”

Disgruntled comments have also started being made on social media blaming the organisers for leaving this decision to the last minute. Sorry – but I think it is Spannabis organisations fault. They waited that long to cancel it. A lot of people spent a lot of money for flights and Hotels. It was clear that the government has to cancel it if the #Spannabis organization does it not by themselves.”

Spannabis Cancelled Twitter

You can learn more here about attendees not being notified yet.

The Spannabis organizers have since issued a statement that the event will be postponed and refunds offered to ticket holders.

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