SA Soldiers can get stoned. The Department of Justice (DOJ) is making waves by saying members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) won’t be left out of the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill party. This comes after the SANDF got a bit antsy about what the bill might mean for its troops.

So, the latest scoop on the private cannabis bill went down on Thursday. When the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) select committee on security and justice dug into the public submissions. As reported by the Cape Times, the NCOP dropped the bill in December. Collecting 46 submissions by the closing date on January 19.

According to the SANDF, green-lighting soldiers to toke up privately on duty could seriously mess with their mojo. They’re worried that having troops under the influence could lead to some real bad vibes, not just for the troops but for the public too, as their submission pointed out.

Army bosses object to stoned soldiers

“The risks associated with members being under the influence of intoxicating drugs may result in injury or death to not only members, but to the greater public,”

But here’s the twist – the DOJ’s legal brainiac, Makubela Mokulubete, stepped up and told the NCOP that booting SANDF members from the private cannabis bill would be totally uncool constitutionally. Mokulubete’s vibe is that the bill is for all South Africans, whether they’re in the military groove or not, but he’s cool with not letting them light up on duty.

It’s not over yeat

SANDF, however, is getting hung up on the idea that soldiers and their fams in the official digs could spark up because, according to the bill, those spots count as “private places.”

The whole Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill saga kicked off after the Constitutional Court dropped the Prince judgment in 2018.  Saying people have the green light to possess and use cannabis in private spots. Parliament kinda dropped the ball initially by missing the 24-month deadline set by the concourt. But after getting an extension, they finally passed the bill in the National Assembly last year. Then tossed it over to the NCOP to keep hashing out.

Do you think SA soldiers can get stoned?