Can dagga save the SA economy after lock-down? Business Day TV interviews the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority, Africannabiz and Schindlers Attorneys to ask the burning questions.

Michael Avery takes an insightful look at the current laws, CBD, business and corruption. The answers are complicated and cast a shadow of the many red-tape barriers to entry for the South African cannabis industry. While government bodies play hot potato with the issue, businesses are chaffing for the opportunity to put plants in the ground.

Recent amendments to the Schedules to the Medicines and Related Substances Act, relating specifically to Cannabis and some of its components (cannabinoids), have thrown the budding industry into the spotlight again as the country looks for post covid growth engines. The burning question is whether cannabis will ultimately contribute to SA’s economy. By creating jobs, raising tax revenue and attracting tourists?”

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“Business Day TV’s Michael Avery speaks to Momeena Omarjee, Manager: Names & Scheduling & Acting Deputy Director: Medical Devices, South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA); Paul-Michael Keichel, an internationally recognized and respected partner in Schindlers Attorneys cannabis practice; and Cannabis entrepreneur Pierre van der Hoven, CEO and founder of Africannabiz.”

What do you think? Can dagga save SA’s economy?
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