With only a couple more weeks to go until South Africa’s first Clinical Cannabis Convention and the Trial of the Plant, all is is set for these to both be historical events.

Cannabis has been a companion plant to humankind for millennia, fulfilling roles for everything from clothing and food to medicine and spiritual sacraments. It is only the last century that has seen a fierce prohibition enforced on both the plant and its use, but now we are beginning to witness Cannabis’ reintegration back in to main stream society. This does however create a conundrum for long misinformed medical professionals, traditional healers, caregivers and the public who are still likely unaware of the plants tremendous potential.

South Africa is perhaps one the countries worst effected by the stigma and bold propaganda of a prohibition that remains at odds with our globally celebrated Constitution. The times are however fortunately changing and a local non-profit company, Fields Of Green For ALL, has gathered leading local and international Cannabis experts to host a one day convention this August that will bring much needed knowledge and understanding to a country in desperate need of more than just yesteryears druf free world pamphlets to rely on.

The Clinical Cannabis Convention will build on matters challenging the constitutionality of Cannabis arrests in “The Trial of the Plant”, scheduled for August 2017 at the Pretoria High Court. The Trial and Convention will expand on a judgment made earlier in 2017 by The Cape Town High Court to allow for the home use of Cannabis based on the human right to privacy. The convention hopes to inform drug policy to facilitate and expedite the use of medical Cannabis for terminally ill patients.

It will be an opportunity for all medical professionals, healthcare workers, traditional healers, caregivers and patients to gain valuable insight into the various dynamics of the plant, while allowing orientated businesses and the public to also network with all those who are interested in the future of Cannabis in South Africa.

We spoke to Myrtle Clarke, CEO of Fields Of Green For ALL, to find out more about the convention and why it is so significant. “We have planned a day of Cannabis education to inform South Africans about the latest scientific findings and about the responsible use of Cannabis. Local and international Cannabis experts will speak about the therapeutic implications of the Endocannabinoid system, the effects of consuming Cannabis and how it can be used as a tool for healing. Topics relating to the legitimacy and practicality of the Cannabis trade, as well as ethical considerations will also be discussed.”

She added that. “It is an opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge on the dynamics of Cannabis from doctors, professors and other experts who have been in the trenches for decades. It will be an invaluable opportunity to gain precious insight into a fast emerging industry.”

International speakers at the convention include Prof. Donald Abrams, a leading integrative oncologist, and Prof. David Nutt, psychiatrist and neuropsychopharmacologist. Both of whom are well respected authorities on Cannabis and broader drug policy reform. Local speakers will include various doctors, hemp professionals and attorneys who will discuss the potential barriers and ethics that we can expect to foresee in South Africa.

Full event details, speaker list and tickets to the Clinical Cannabis Convention taking place on 05 August 2017 are now available at https://fieldsofgreenforall.org.za/clinical-cannabis-convention/