Home activities for stoners and other fun things to do. Stay safe and sane with this list of 5 excellent ways pass the time. From going old school analogue to leaping into the matrix, here’s how to keep your self busy and entertained while the world is on hold.

5 Home Activities For Stoners

In these strange times it can be tough to figure out how to occupy your mind and hands, while also trying to avoid the anxiety fuel of social media and 24 hour news feeds. So here are some of our top ways to burn the time.

Get your binge on

From the white trash delight of Tiger King on Netflix to the endless options of other shows and streaming services, it is an excellent opportunity to catch up on your favorite shows and podcasts. Most services offer a week to a month of free trials for new viewers and listeners. Simply sign up online and get instant access to an unbelievable amount of sitcoms, movies, documentaries and any other shows that tickles your guilty pleasure gland. Here’s a comprehensive list of the best binge worthy shows.

Be creative

It’s as good a time as any to dust off those hipster colouring books or to finish that DIY project in the corner. We all have varying interests and personal passions that may have been pushed aside during the humdrum of day to day life. There’s no better time than now to pick up that paint brush, pen or tool to embrace your creativity. Explore the great indoors with this creativity guide.

It’s game time

Whether you’re jamming the latest and greatest games or are into OG favourites like Pacman, you can play them all from the comfort of your console and phone. Online multiplayer games are also a chance to safely socialize and maybe even make some new friends. Rarely will you find the time to finally 100% or even just clock familiar favourites. So put down the Pokemon Go and dig that old Gameboy out of the garage for endless adventures. Here’s some of the best games ever for old and new memories.

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Read a book or ten

It wasn’t that long ago when reading a book was one of the only forms of entertainment out there. Then came smart phones and things were never the same again. We turned our gaze from the black and white of pages to the never ending selection of online blogs and videos. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There is however something to be said about the embrace of a good book. So pick something off the bookshelf or download a book, then take your imagination to the limit. Here’s some timeless classics to get you started.

Learn something new

Simply think of any topic, give it a quick Googling and you will no doubt find a tutorial or guide that will help you expand your mind. Whether it’s to put a fresh credential on your CV or finally learn how to crochet clothes for kittens, it’s easier than ever to learn something new. Take a look at THC University for stoner friendly online courses.

Phone a friend

This one is more of a consideration than an activity. Many people currently may be feeling lonely or anxious, particularly with the lingering uncertainty in the air. A phone call or personal heartfelt message can go a long way. It may seem like a small thing to do, but may well have a bigger impact than you think.

What are your top home activities for stoners?
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