Celebrate 420 online with these dank cannabis events and concerts. Enjoy all the tunes and vibes that make the 20th of April the irie’est day of the year, without leaving the safety of your home during lock down.

420 Has become a cornerstone of global cannabis culture. From being a once secret code word among stoners to now being and iconic annual celebration, this year was set to raise the bar higher than ever before due to April 2020 signifying a full month of getting lit AF. But all these plans came to a grinding halt in the wake of a global pandemic, leaving millions of tokers with an epicly sad face. As the world has had to adapt by optimizing and maximizing the available online resources that are keeping the wheels turning, so to will cannabis enthusiasts need to embrace the matrix by taking the green pill. Here’s where to celebrate 420 online.

HighStream 420 Festival

Highstream 420 Festival is a free online experience with recommended donations to our partner charities. America’s largest cannabis gatherings, National Cannabis Festival and The Emerald Cup, combine forces for a coast-to-coast online 420 festival benefiting relief charities.

Celebrate 420 Online High Stream 420 Festival

420 World Record

Join Tony Diepenbrock & Herb to break the world record for the “Most people consuming cannabis on video chat”. 100% of profits will be donated to helping free 40,000+ inmates convicted of non-violent marijuana crimes.

Celebrate 420 Online Zoom World Record

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Cannabis Business Awards

Celebrate outstanding achievements with industry game changers, trailblazers and cannabis thought leaders. Join us as we celebrate the fastest growing industry in America and the industry executives creating history as we take marijuana mainstream.

Celeberate 420 Online Cannabis Business Awards

Higher Together

420 isn’t just a day or time, but the community you experience when you sesh with your friends. We celebrate it at that time and on that day, and in that month this year. But the spirit is in the ritual and support garnered from gathering and sharing in the sesh. Should you still be seshing with friends right now? Probably not so much — at least not IRL. But you should still keep the circle strong! Let’s not take the current situation lightly. As puff, puff, passing is pretty much a no-no, let’s sesh virtually. Stay well, friends.

Higher Together

The Great American Sesh In

The Great American Sesh In is an online cannabis, music, and arts festival designed to keep this year’s 4/20 celebration safe, exciting, and a great reason to stay indoors. The goal is to flatten the 4/20 curve by encouraging patrons to visit dispensaries or order online early to be home and tune in on 4/20/20. This telethon style event raises funds for our first responders so the cannabis community can give back, and say thanks, to the very people who helped make cannabis an essential medicine. The event celebrates 4/20 with artists and musicians, comedians, industry luminaries, and special surprise and delight moments.

The Great American Sesh In

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