SA’s weed shows offer a wide range of news, interviews and reviews. From laughing till it hurts to the latest scoop on local drama. Here’s some of our favourite shows to watch while toking on a fat joint.

The Hotbox Show

With over 100 live episodes at 7pm on Thursdays, The Hotbox Show talks lank dank with local and international guests. The show takes a deep look at leading news stories, ganja gadget reviews and grow tips. Although the live show is often up to 2 hours long, it has also been edited in to daily segments that are topic specific and more data friendly. Well know for being the first of SA’s weed shows.

The Hotbox Show - SA's weed shows

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DQ Central Show

Hosted by Quin and Dave, DQ Central post Facebook videos nearly every weekday that take a light -hearted look at the local cannabis scene. You can expect to loads of strain reviews and news from the duo of local dagga legends. Their most popular videos are those that deal with the Canapax controversies and feature the franchise founder Russel De Beer.

DQ Central Show - SAs weed shows

Marijuana SA

Marijuana SA takes a young and fresh look at the local cannabis scene. Episodes range from an hour or so to shorts on local events, products and cannabis tips. The hosts have quickly got into a groove of interesting guests and topics.

Marijuana SA - SAs weed shows

Mlungu South Africa

The latest South African weed show, Mlungu South Africa is kak funny and very well produced. These guys drop the pretense and get down to business by celebrating all levels of local cannabis culture. From celebrating the virtues of red Rizzla to squishing some high grade rosin.

Mlungu South Africa - SAs weed shows

2 Girls 1 Bowl Show

Last but certainly not least on our list, the 2 Girls 1 Bowl Show offers a ladies perspective on cannabis culture. There topics are health and lifestyle orientated, as well as dank recipes for dope and delicious edibles.

2 Girls 1 Bowl Show - SAs weed shows

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