Netflix Stoner Shows that are great for getting grilled to. Here’s our top 5 or so weed shows from documentaries and cooking, to sitcoms and dramaaaaa.

Stoners and cannasseurs have definitely become their own unique demography of cannabis content consumers. So much so that major streaming services such as Netflix now offer some excellent shows that cater to our occasionally quirky counter culture vibes. If you love getting baked and baking, binging documentaries with endless twists or  laughing until it hurts? Then try these dank shows that kept us gorilla glued to our screens.

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Top Netflix Stoner Shows


Disjointed was created by the same mind that brought us epic hits such as The Big Bang Theory and Two & A Half Men. This traditional format sitcom takes a fresh look at the difficulties of a mom and pop style weed shop growing into a formal legal Californian cannabis business. Everying from the ups and downs of new school marketing to old school values. All while injecting loads of weed orientated humour. This show gets a lot more right than it gets wrong. And was unfortunate to only get 2 seasons.

Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys is most certainly not to everyones’ taste. Yet the main characters of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles make for a trio of lovable ruffians. Set in a Canadian trailer park crammed full of unforgettable residents, this mocumentary sitcom takes a blunt and hilarious look at their day to day lives. Each season embraces the hustle and chasing rainbows by trying to not so legally profit from another pot of gold. You’ll find your self routing for these dudes in no time.  There’s loads off their seasons, movies and specials on Netflix.

Murder Mountain

Murder Mountain completely bursts the bubble of stoner idealism and irie perceptions. This documentary takes a hard and sometimes uncomfortable look at the infamous Emerald Triangle. An area of the USA that is perhaps best known for illegally growing some of the world’s greatest ganja. No stone is left un-turned, from the small town’s hippy origins to the many unresolved disappearances of trimmigrants, the trimmer immigrants who seasonally migrate to the area for informal work. The cold case of a murdered young man lies at the heart of a black market industry that has become dangerously competitive. Prepare your munchies and tissues for an emotional ending.

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Cooking on High

Cooking on High is a competitive cooking show that adds and extra ingredient to the usual feast for the eyes format. It’s no big secret what the herbs and spices are in this show though. It’s dank Mary Jane, lots and lots of it. The competitors put their skills to the test and the judges get grilled AF. Even the host looks properly red eyed. Each episode features two chefs battling it out with high end munchies that will leave you craving more.

That 70’s Show

That 70’s Show frequently features Mary Jane. But kinda like one of those characters you never really see on screen. This is one of those timeless sitcoms thanks to its fantastic cast chemistry.  The teenage growing pains of friends and family make for hilarious moments that will keep you entertained for hours. And heartbroken when you eventually have to say goodbye to your on screen BFF’s. But then just roll a fat one and start again from the beginning, it’s that good.

Cooked With Cannabis

Cooked With Cannabis has freshly entered the new realm of weed inspired cooking shows. Upping the stakes with 3 chefs per episode and special guests that get elevated on gourmet to tasty classic dishes. Kellis hosts this ultimate fusion of a food p@rn and cannabis experience that will leave you laughing and drooling into your bong. Celebrate all things THC and CBD in this tasteful take on canna- cuisine.


Weeds get’s an honurable mention for being the OG weed show. Way before there were oodles of dank shows and movies, there was a show pioneering cannabis as a key plot theme. The sometimes surreal story of a single mom struggling to put bread on the table by selling bankies delivers on laughs and drama. From mo money mo problems vibes to some unforgettable characters, although there don’t ever seem to be any real happy endings for any of them. It’s like if Breaking Bad and Mary Jane had a baby. While no longer on Netflix, Weeds is worth finding on other streaming services to get your nostalgia on.

What are your favorite Netflix Stoners Shows or guilty 420 binging pleasures? Leave a comment and stand a chance to score a voucher for our online store.