Are cannabis seeds legal in South Africa? This has become a burning question following decrimilization of the plant in 2018. The ruling by the country’s Constitutional Court was celebrated locally and made headlines across the globe. But it also created a tsunami of uncertainty for locals who want to now grow their own.

Are cannabis seeds legal in South Africa?

The unanimous ruling by the judges of the Constitutional Court made it very clear that the personal growing and use of cannabis by consenting adults would be legal with immediate effect. The supply, sale or exchange of the plant however remained illegal. Effectively creating a paradox in which growing your own supply is perfectly legal yet obtaining the seeds or clones to do so was possibly still illegal.

Obviously it is not possible to grow a plant without access to the necessary seeds. So it appears that the sale of cannabis seeds is therefore legal in South Africa. Although there are attorneys and lawyers who can give you their qualified legal opinion on this.

Is it legal to import cannabis seeds into South Africa?

This seeming contradiction has created some uncertainty at local borders agencies and customs officers who continued to intercept and confiscate imported cannabis seeds. Just as they have been doing for decades and now need to possibly rethink their approach considering the recent cannabis decriminalization ruling.

The demand for cannabis seeds in South Africa is however not idly waiting for a solution while official people in official places are vigorously trying to resolve this dilemma. And neither are the local seedbanks who are rising to meet this demand.

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Buy cannabis seeds from local seedbanks

Thousands of cannabis strains (aka cultivars) have become locally available almost overnight, from hundreds of seedbanks. This wave of seed genetics and suppliers has led to a possibly more pressing question than “are cannabis seeds legal in South Africa”. The bigger question has become, are these seeds in fact legitimate?

Just as our country is not immune to hustlers and counterfeit goods. Knock offs of leading and popular cannabis seed brands are also a reality. This has left both personal and commercial growers exposed to the risks of an uncertain seed supply industry that remains mostly anonymous. Be diligent when dealing with the magic bean dealers popping up on nearly every corner of social media. Buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

Look for seedbanks who are legit and ethical

While I’ve certainly had a lot of good luck buying branded seeds from friends and even strangers in the past. These transactions have always been on a buy at your own risk understanding.

You now fortunately have the opportunity to buy these seeds from legal local businesses. Businesses that are committed to having legitimate addresses, services and websites are the one that you should look for . Thereby offering the security that you will not only receive your order promptly. And that it will also be original and high-quality seeds. Seedbanks who are invested in themselves and their customers will not hide behind anonymous social media profiles. Nor will they run for the hills if your have any issues with their seeds.

Support local seedbanks that act legal and have a good reputation. This will allow them to support the growing local cannabis seed industry and set a good example for the international seed suppliers who would like to see their genetics flourish in our sunny slice of Africa.

Article courtesy of Green Smoke Room Seeds