Greenhouse of In-House Genetics and other strains growing under the African sun. Take a tour through my private little ganja garden.

My personal grow is where new techniques and fresh genetics are put to the test. The name of the game is to produce the best possible buds on a budget. Using techniques from low stress training and SCROG to sourcing exotic cannabis cultivars. You will get to watch and give feedback on my progress as I explore the art of growing and breeding lank dank.

So please roll a fat one or clear a bowl and enjoy this tour of The Greenhouse of In-House Genetics.

The featured cultivars are:

  • Terple by In-House Genetics
  • Frosted Apricots by In-House Genetics
  • Tart Pops by In-House Genetics
  • GG4 by GG strains
  • Auto Daiquiri Lime by Dutch Passion
  • Tortoni (Chocolope NL x Gelato 33 x Slurricane) by Totemic Cannacraft
  • Banizzle by Lank Dank Genetics
  • Blue Dreamsicle by Lank Dank Genetics
  • Purpsicle by Lank Dank Genetics

Green House of In-House Genetics Video


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