South Africa Cannabis Master Plan imminent for legal dagga industry. Government has high hopes for employment and economic growth. The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development is about to present the plan to The National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC).

The race among African countries to not miss the green wave seems to be the financial key motivator. Progress is therefore being made to advance the growth of the local hemp and export industry. Although there isn’t much word about the prospects for THC related products becoming really legal to trade anytime soon. Minister Thoko Didiza said:

“An inter-departmental team comprising representatives from various departments was established to guide the development of the National Cannabis Master Plan with [the department] as the convener.

“The Cannabis Master Plan is being presented to Nedlac before the end of May 2021. The department will, as of October 2021, begin issuing and monitoring permits for the production of hemp in South Africa,”

South Africa Cannabis Master Plan support systems

Several support systems and interventions are also planned:

  • Increasing land under production. This will mean cultivating land that has been given to individuals and communities through our land reform program and those in communal areas.
  • Strengthening the extension and advisory services by employing capable individual Officers;
  • Collaborating with the private sector and individuals who are willing to be mentors as well as able to give agreements to those who produce;
  • Strengthening government’s agri-financial services to support production;
  • Improving agricultural Research. The Agricultural Research Council will utilise the Parliamentary Grant to focus on the development of scientific solutions, inclusive of the development of new technologies and crop varieties, enhancing the quantity and quality of agricultural produce, devising climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, increasing sustainability, reducing consumer food prices.

What does it all mean though?

The sweet and short is that we are definitely going to see more interest in the local cannabis industry. Although it is likely to be very hemp, medical, CBD and export orientated in the short term. Investors of both time and money will need to be on high alert. As share scams and flimsy trade unions are around every corner. Remember to do your homework and not run into situations that sound to good to be true.

This is certainly good news for the South African Cannabis industry, although their is still a long way to go.