We put The World’s Best Vaporiser to the test in this full review of the PAX 3, with a chance for you to win one of your very own.

To say that I’ve owned and tried a lot of vaporisers is an understatement. Just the thought of the heaps of cash and weed spent on sorting out the good from the bad brings a fat tear to my eye. So terrible was the experience with all the grey imports, knockoffs and disappointing claims made by manufacturers that I simply walked away from it all and refused to be a part of what was an industry in which very few vaporisers walked the talk. Then when a I heard that one of my favourite brands was officially coming to South Africa it lit a small flame of hope that I would no longer have to deal with dodgy products and even dodgier warranties.

So how do you figure out if a vaporiser is any good, let alone one of the best in the world? Quite simply it comes down to two words, form and function. This applies particularly to portable vaporisers as there are loads of them out there that look great, but barely work. Then there are the ones that work fantastically, but are as publicly discreet as nailing a plank to your face and they barely fit in your pocket. Fortunately this is a fast evolving market, so now we are all spoiled for choice with the dazzling array of options out there.

Although it does becomes a bit trickier when vapes such as the PAX 3 make claims that they can easliy vape both herb and concentrates on the go. Traditionally this is where portable vaporisers fall far short and never really live up to the claims of dual functionality. So let’s take a look at whether this will be another dud along the boulevard of broken vaporiser dreams.

What you get

  • PAX 3 Vaporiser
  • 4 Temperature settings
  • Wireless charging dock
  • 2 Mouth Pieces
  • 2 Oven lids for use with herb
  • Concentrate insert for use with concentrates
  • Multi tool
  • 3 Spare screens
  • PAX 3 App
  • Maintenance kit
  • 10 Year warranty

First impressions

It’s a bit smaller than previous models and a part of me misses the pop up mouthpiece of the OG Pax 1, but the sleek finish and palm size high performance continue to be super duper discreet. Having been through loads of bag checks this month, it even passed through High Court and SABC visits without a single security guard raising an eyebrow. If anything, most people thought it was a small battery bank until I started busting fat clouds of vape with it. The high build quality and 10 year warranty ensure that it should perform well for years to come.


You’ll get about half a gram of freshly ground herb into the oven based at the bottom of the vaporiser. The magnetic pop top lid on the oven makes loading it an absolute pleasure, while the multi tool is a convenient solution for packing and emptying the oven. That the chamber is at the bottom makes for a longer than usual path that cools the vape a bit. As with most vaporizers, the PAX 3 seems to prefer herb that is finely ground so that you get maximum vape for as long as possible. making a good herb grinder an essential companion. A simple firm push on the mouth piece easily changes the temperature settings. I recommend the low to medium settings for herb as it can get a bit toasty on the highest setting.
Charging to full takes about an hour and a half and I never flattened the battery in a day, getting about 5 to ten sessions depending on low or high temping.

Buy PAX Vaporisers online

Buy PAX Vaporisers online

Using concentrates

Definitely not meant for runny or liquid concentrates, thick to solid ones perform best and don’t end up everywhere. The tank is easy to fill with a few fat dabs, but may need frequent reloading for heavy users. Removing the tank does require a bit of firm effort though as the concentrates can get a bit sticky in the oven. It would come out a lot easier when warm. There is no leakage so nothing went to waste. I recommend a generous clean once in a while to keep the concentrate tank and vaporiser at optimal performance.

Long term impressions

The PAX 3 has been an absolute pleasure to live with. Daily charging was a must to be on the safe side and the occasional clean was definitely worth doing. Other than that though, it was as if using a product designed by Steve Jobs. All in all it reminded why I should have never sold my PAX 2 and why I fell in love with PAX products during those dark vaporiser days no so long ago.

What about the app?

Oh yes, the app. It is a nice option that is in line with the current trend towards being able to fiddle with your vaporizer via your phone, but it doesn’t feel like the app is really that essential and it never felt like more than a novel way to geek out with friends. It’s worth using it just to keep up with firmware updates or if you would like to fine tune the vaporiser with the Standard, Boost, Efficiency, Stealth and Flavour settings. But you will probably dial it all in the first time and not play with the app much more after that.


It’s up to you what you look for in a vaporiser. For me it is all about delivering consistently high performance while elegantly blending into the crowd. the PAX 3 does this by the bankie load while impressing with its dual functionality. Is it the best vaporizer in the world? Honestly, I couldn’t think of a premium vaporizer that I would rather own… for herbs. If you are looking for something to vape bud with and the occasional dab, nothing beats the PAX3.

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