Courier Cannabis in South Africa with these tips and advice. What courier companies not to use, discreet packaging info and your rights. Here’s all the info that you will need to courier your cannabis with peace of mind.

Is it legal to courier cannabis in South Africa?

This is a very grey area and no local courier company has yet publicly come out as being weed or cannabis oil friendly. While many have earned reputations for frequently intercepting and seizing packages a handful of couriers do turn a blind eye. Ultimately though, no courier is obligated to accept or send your package. It is 420% at their discretion whether you like it or not. This makes them the gate keepers irrespective of what the law or your cousin’s cousin says.

Why Courier Cannabis?

Using a courier is fast and easy for everything, so naturally dealers and self medicaters everywhere make use of this excellent resource. From sending some homegrown to a destination in advance rather than travel with it to those private clubs, healers and dealers who are dependent on being able to deliver their products nationwide.

Couriers are becoming am increasingly essential part of both business and personal life. It’s tough to beat the convenience of send a package overnight from one end of the country to the other for around a hundred bucks.

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How to Courier Cannabis In South Africa

Here’s all the essential info that you need to successfully courier your weed. From dos and don’ts to not being a high maintenance Karen.

What courier should I use?

This is an awkward question to answer without shining some potentially unwanted light of the couriers who play nice. Let’s rather start with the ones to avoid. Aramex, DHL and PostNet are notorious for checking and intercepting packages. While most other local courier companies have more of a “We won’t ask if you won’t tell us” policy.

Which ever courier you go with, there will be no guarantees. They will offer no support if your package is lost, stolen or intercepted. It doesn’t matter how formal or legit your weed related invoice is for what was lost, you are most unlikely to receive your money or product back.

Look for a courier company that offers high service levels and has a good reputation. Don’t expect the moon and stars though, as there may still be bumps in the road.

Dos and don’ts

Don’t put all your buds in one bag and risk losing everything. Do think twice about how much you’re sending and contact Fields of Green for All for detailed info on the latest cannabis policies.

Don’t put your courier in the awkward position of your weed being too loud. Do the courier the courtesy of not making the contents obvious. Package your gear discreetly and be low key.

Don’t be a Karen or high maintenance. Do be cool. The easier you make the courier’s life, the less reason they will have to stop one of your parcels. So when the service sucks, quietly put that complaining energy into a new courier.

Don’t use only one courier. Do date some other couriers. You don’t have to put a ring on it and commit to one courier for life. Shop around and try a few to find the best courier companies for you. It is ideal to find a good balance of service and price.

So there’s our top tips on how to courier cannabis in South Africa. We hope that you are able to successfully support a local courier company and that they have your back.

What courier companies do you rate or hate?
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