Stay safe by ordering cannabis products online. Here’s how to avoid the chaos, crowds and crazy overpricing.

It may feel like we are living in strange times when toilet paper is being hoarded by the car full and hand sanitizer prices are inflated by up to 1000%. This along with goods shortages at some major retailers is further fueling panic buying. The disruption of both businesses and people’s lives has highlighted how reliant we are on traditional retails options. From long queues outside cannabis dispensaries and the profiteering on desperation, it’s clear that more sustainable options are necessary. Options that don’t involve handling cash, touching card machines or leaving your home.

Stay Safe By Ordering Cannabis Products Online

Online retailers have become more and more popular over the years due to the ease of simply making purchases from your phone, tablet or PC. Being able to do this from the safety and comfort of your home seems more relevant than ever in these self quarantine times. Although not all online stores are immune to the effects of suddenly quadrupling their prices to prey on the current circumstances, there are many established businesses who are going above and beyond to offer the same products and prices while also prioritizing your safety. Here are some local ones who are preserving their strong reputations by not capitalizing on the hysteria.

Green Smoke Room Seeds

Gardening frequently comes up on the social media alerts and tips as a rewarding activity to do in the safety of your home. I for one will be making the most of my self quarantine by tending my garden and planting some new seeds over the next few weeks. Green Smoke Room Seeds have an extensive range of genetics with quick delivery to your door. In addition, they have announced their strict health protocols to ensure your safety. From cancelling all of their events and non-essential travel, to shipping orders under sterilized and disinfected environments. They are ensuring that their customers continue to come first. You can read their full health and safety statement here.

Green Smoke Room Cannabis Seeds

The High Co Headshop

As a long standing online supplier of rolling papers, bongs, grinders and all manner of cannabis accessory; The High Co has extensive experience in meeting client needs. While also being firmly committed to only doing business online. This had created an environment that was already resistant to physically interacting face to face. And is now fortunately as efficient as ever in quickly processing and delivering orders. From how orders are handled and packaged, to using couriers who have quickly adapted and prioritized the needs of clients. The High Co offers the same high service and hygiene levels for your piece of mind.

Don’t be shy to ask

There is nothing wrong with valuing your personal health. So don’t be shy to ask your favorite online stores or dealers what they are doing to avoid exploitative pricing and ensure your safety. As disruptive as things currently are, it as an ideal opportunity to stay safe by ordering cannabis products online and possibly even revolutionize how we do all of our online buying.

We hope that you are able to stay safe and sane in these trying times. To help you we have some other articles on Stoner Safety and Local Event Cancellations.

A big thank you to Green Smoke Room Seeds for sponsoring this article.

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