The Top 5 Cannabis Jobs in South Africa. Learn how to start your own business or get a job at leading local companies for that dream career.

It can be tough finding a job that perfectly fulfills both your passion and career goals. Particularly if it meant breaking the law. Up until recently there were no legal cannabis jobs in South Africa. This has however changed following decriminalization in 2018 and the President’s recent announcement to legalize hemp and medicinal uses of the plant.

Top 5 Cannabis Jobs in South Africa

Master Grower

Perhaps the most difficult of cannabis careers. Being a Master Grower requires a blend of proven large scale growing talent, strong people skills and diligent administration. You won’t be able to wing it, as the requirements of licensed grows are very strict. From nurturing plants to adhering to policies on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Existing Regulatory Protocols (ERP). To the deep intricacies of successfully growing  and harvesting large crops in clinical quality. Although an opportunity to earn big bucks it can also be very stressful. You will need a proven background in successful cannabis growing and harvesting. Preferably with some sort or agricultural or horticultural qualification.

Bud Tender

A popular and rewarding choice for people who are enthusiastic about the plant and dealing with retail customers. Being a Bud Tender at a dispensary or private club requires a deep knowledge of the final products and understanding your clients’ needs. This is one of the most popular of the top 5 cannabis jobs for a people person with sales experience. Ideal for passionate extroverts who can correctly handle cannabis products, but also offer reliable information to consumers.


Being an entrepreneur in the local cannabis industry can be anything from opening your own private club to starting a rolling paper brand. You will need to be dedicated to making your business success and hustle hard to stand out among the many other entrepreneurs that may be entering the same space. CBD products in particular have fast become a popular option retailers and wholesalers, yet they do run the risk of becoming over saturated. There can many ups and downs to choosing this path. You will need a thick skin and ability to professionally supply a product or service.

Supporting Industries

One of the most overlooked aspects is supporting industries. You don’t need to be neck deep in plants to qualify for cannabis jobs in South Africa. There are heaps of electricians, engineers, plumbers and accountants who are essential to the success of cannabis businesses. Being canna-friendly in the supporting industries is the best way to make use of your existing skills without getting your fingers sticky. There are thousands of canna-businesses who would love to formalize their operations. And I promise, they’re looking for your supporting services.

Cannabis Consulting

Many investors and businesses are unlikely to have any deep knowledge of the in and outs of seed to sale cannabis opportunities. As more of these people enter the legal market, it will become increasingly competitive and diverse. The key to success will be in optimizing output and lowering operational costs. Consulting offers the opportunity to capitalize on your specific skill set and network of reputable suppliers to launch or improve these businesses. From what grow lights to use or getting legitimate cannabis seeds, there is a tremendous appetite for formal knowledge.

Cannabis Culture Influencer

This is more of an honorable mention than what many would consider a legitimate job. While not one of our top 5 cannabis jobs, the influence of successful social media users and online icons has undoubtedly created a new frontier career opportunity. Sharing personalized links and sponsored content on your feed or channel offers nearly hands free income. Simply give a punt or share and automatically earn commission. This form of passive income has become so popular the even we now offer an affiliate commission program, online advertising and sponsored content.

Zeminwe Recruitment Cannabis Jobs

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